Autumn From Above

Flying over Connecticut in the Fall

One of my all time favorite books is Earth From Above by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, which presents a pilot-eye view of the earth. It’s remarkable that even from great heights, Bertrand’s photographs reveal the subtle characteristics of land-dwelling humanity.

Living in New England, this is the time of year when I most want Bertrand’s thousand-foot perspective because my little corner of the world is just the most remarkable place right-this-very-minute.

Tomorrow, If the day is clear, I’ll go flying with my friend David Paqua in his Acro Sport, a biplane he built on the second floor of his glass shop in Stamford, and we’ll zoom around the Berkshires while I try to capture on film what is uncapturable, the golds, reds and oranges that announce the melancholy departure of one season and the glorious arrival of another.

David Paqua at the controls of his homebuilt Acro Sport

Those of you who don’t live in New England, I’m sorry.

You might wish to be me tomorrow, but there are alternatives. Somebody in the marketing department of, a website that features last-minute travel bargains shares my sensibilities and just in time to grab some of the best color of fall, they’ve assembled a list of ten destinations where travelers can take hot air balloon foliage flights. Some are near, some are far.

Plano Balloon Festival in Texas September 2011

But having spent a weekend at the Plano Balloon Festival in Texas last month gaping at these lumbering works of art, I must say cheapflights’ idea is brilliant. Outside of David’s little plane, there are few other vehicles as up-to-the-task of loosening our earth bound ties and letting us  enjoy the season from above.




  1. Posted on October 18, 2011 at 10:14 pm by mavis

    The Bertrand book you mention is one of my favorite. I had the distinct pleasure of seeing these images in larger than life size on the gates around Luxenbourg Gardens in Paris many years ago. On my bucket list: to experience fall from above! Great post… Lucky you!