About go now

Lots of people love to travel. Those crowded airplanes? That’s what they’re telling us. On this blog, Go How, I do intend to pander to your love of travel, ‘cuz I’m like you. I need no excuse to pack a bag. I’ve visited every continent but Antarctica, fifty four countries and most of the states in the US.

But I also have a goal that’s larger than just writing about destinations and sharing my photos and interviews with people I’ve met. Exploring the world just isn’t big enough for me!

I want to expand the notion of travel to include how we go. If you consider that – at minimum – two days of every trip is consumed with the process of getting there, it’s just sensible to try and enjoy that part as well. If you’re a prop head, that’s easy. But, then you’re probably reading my other blog, Flying Lessons.

Nope, I’m guessing for you, the upside of the destination is worth the downside of the getting there and to actually enjoy how you go, you’ll need a little encouragement. So give me some time, visit Go How regularly and let me know if I’ve achieved my goal.