Snuggling with a giraffe at the Giraffe Center, Karen, Kenya



Lovin’ every step of the journey – why I travel

First of all I hope we share a love of travel.

From the airplane trip that takes me to my destination (especially the airplane trip) to the confusion of new sounds and smells on arrival, nothin’ gets me going like visiting someplace new. I’ve been a writer and aviation safety specialist for years and this has provided me with the privilege of seeing many places and making many friends around the world.

A few of my favorite experiences?

  • wading the Blue Lagoon in Keflavik
  • bicycle riding in Korea, Taiwan, Mexico and France
  • wine tasting in Chile
  • hiking the rock city of Petra
  • stunt flying over Manhattan
  • whale watching in Cape Cod, penguin watching in Cape Town
  • winter swimming the Gulf of Finland
  • kayaking the Wekiva River in Orlando
  • climbing the trails in Sedona
  • riding the rails in Vietnam, China, Australia and Canada

Gator watching on the Wekiva River in Orlando

I firmly believe that a great trip begins in the head. Even a familiar destination can be exciting when approached with

  • a sense of curiosity
  • an attitude of wonder

These qualities in fact, are as essential as a dependable suitcase and a compact camera. When I travel, what makes the deepest impressions are the people I meet and the new cultures I experience.

Go How will feature stories and photographs of where I go, how I go and what moves me on the journey.  Come along for the ride.


Biking along the Xindian Stream in Taipei


Christine Negroni